Recycling and the utilization of materials is clearly the trend of the time. And that's fine. The stones and jewelry lying in the boxes should be used and made into jewelry that shows your own handprint.

Almost every one of us has wonderful stones or jewelry at the bottom of the box, which are associated with wonderful memories of events and people important to us. Often, however, these seem to remain in that box of memories. However, this is changing. In accordance with the trend of the times, many people want to recycle old materials and create new ones from them, suitable for themselves or a loved one right now.

"Recently, people have become more and more encouraged to bring old jewelry to be modified. We want to keep our dear memories, but to modify them to look more like our own and thus get the jewelry into active use." says master goldsmith Mika Tarkkanen. "While creating something new, we often add our own stamp to the jewelry, for example by adding stones."

Everything starts with planning

The easiest way to get started is to think about who is designing jewelry. When thinking about this, you should also collect the materials you find yourself, whether they are precious stones or old, unused jewelry.

"When the idea of ​​making, for example, a ring, a necklace or something else is clearer and you have your own plan in mind, it's worth making an appointment with a goldsmith. You get help to further develop the plan, and at the same time, the goldsmith tells you in more detail how to make the jewelry," describes Mika. "Atelier-type goldsmiths who make jewelry themselves will best help you here."

Bring out your own handprint

For stone enthusiasts, this is the perfect way to bring out your own handprint and build a new piece of jewelry around a stone that is significant to them. Many stone enthusiasts are very skilled with their hands and some of the jewelry can be made by yourself, but for example, sustainable stone planting requires professional expertise.

"Many people combine both precious stones such as diamonds and stones that are otherwise meaningful to them. For example, the diamond may have been inherited from the mother, and the additional stone was found and polished by the father." says Mika and continues, "At the same time, old gold can be recycled or even exchanged for another material."

It is important that the new piece of jewelry has a story behind it that is meaningful to the owner of the piece. And that the jewelry looks like its owner.

Bespoke jewelry doesn't have to be expensive

When the plan is ready, it is easy for a professional to tell you the price of making the jewelry. If you have raw materials from your own back, you can at least get them at Tarkkanen's atelier as a refund for making the jewelry. For example, if your material is enough to make a piece of jewelry, you don't pay anything for the materials. Or if you want to change the gold to white gold, you will get a refund for the material.

"Many a beautiful plan remains just a plan in vain. You just have to get down to business and start implementing ideas." states Mika and continues, "Kiviharrastus is a wonderful hobby. You shouldn't leave your finds lying around in boxes for nothing, but instead create something visible, beautiful and usable from them. This is how the life of stones continues in a wonderful way."