Mika Tarkkanen, Master Jeweller

Mika Tarkkanen, is a Master Jeweller in the second generation. Awarded the 2018 Goldsmith of the Year, Mika's hands have created some spectacular and stunning jewelry. These have included the spectacular classic Mountain of Desire ring and the elegant Prague.

Robert Tarkkanen, Master Jeweller

Robert Tarkkanen is Finland's only third-generation goldsmith. Despite his young age, Robert's hands have created stunning jewelry combining diamonds and precious metals for both well-known artists and private customers all over Finland. In 2023, a ring from his Juuret - Roots series won the title of the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year

Ville Tuovinen, Master Jeweller

Ville Tuovinen, who has been working at Tarkkanen since 2007, is an expert in diamonds and gemstones Thanks to his precision and mastery of different techniques, the jewelry that comes out of Ville's hands is of the highest quality. In fact, Ville is the only goldsmith in our industry to have brought home a medal from the world championships in the field. His stunning work at the 2007 World Skills' Competition in Japan was awarded a bronze medal.

Pia Toivanen, Marketing ja communications

Pia has been working at Tarkkanen since 2021. She creates Tarkkanen's stories for our various channels. Whether it's through our online or print channels, Pia will be happy to hear your story.