Tarkkanen Earrings

The most beautiful and stunning earrings are found by browsing through our range of jewelry collections. Is your style a soft or geometric one? Are you looking for a showy or classy feel in your chosen jewels? From our earrings, you're guaranteed to find the one you love.

Mix and match and create a unique piece of jewelry

The earrings in the Mountain of Emotions series are a good example of a multifunctional and versatile earrings. It is designed to enable you to collect a set and change the look by varying the diamonds and gemsstone as well as different materials. You can start by buying a set of stud earrings, for example, one with a diamond and one with a coloured sapphire. Around it, you can buy a diamond or gemstone frame to transform the earrings into something that looks good for everyday wear or for special occasions.

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Here are some of our range of products that you can buy directly from our online shop. If you can't find what you're looking for, our Master Jewellers are here to help. Together, we'll create a unique earring for you.