How you choose the right ring size

The size of our fingers varies throughout the day. This should be taken into account when choosing the size of the ring. By following these instructions, you will find the right size for you. And don't worry if the ring gets too small or too big over time, the size can be easily adjusted.

This way you can find the size that fits you best

We use models rings when choosing the size of your ring. It is important that the width of the model ring is as close as possible to the width of the ring you choose. This is because a wide ring fit differently than a narrow ring.

  • Choose the hand and the finger where you will wear the ring. It may sound funny, but it is quite normal for a right-handed person to have larger fingers on the right hand than on the left.
  • Fit the ring at different times several times during the day. The best time for fitting is usually in the afternoon, when the fingers are so-called in normal mode.
  • Also think about the warmth of your fingers and the air temperature. Cold fingers are more common, just as cold air is different from a hot summer day.
  • Also confess your own feelings. Are you the so-called in a normal state, there is not, for example, a long dinner with salty food.
  • Do not tense the finger, but try to keep it as relaxed as possible.

Fitting the ring

So how do you recognize the right size ring? The right-sized ring is snug and doesn't feel like it's falling off your finger when you shake your hand. It is good for the ring to be loose enough that you can pull it over the joint without much effort. So try on the ring several times, clench your hand into a fist and open it. The size of the ring should not feel uncomfortable.

The size classes of model rings are in 0.5 increments. If you can't find just the right size in the model rings, you should choose an intermediate size between the two rings. We are well able to make this size as well.